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Consultant confirms bribing ex Petrobras directors

In a new deposition as part of the “Operation Car Wash” probe on Wednesday (Feb. 4), Júlio Gerin de Camargo, former consultant for contractor Toyo Setal, confirmed he had paid

$5.53 million in bribes to former Petrobras directors Paulo Roberto Costa (Downstream) and Renato Duque (Services and Engineering).

According to Camargo’s plea bargain testimony, the amount was split by the former directors in exchange for facilitating a contract with Petrobras for a joint venture formed by Toyo Japan, OAS and Setal Oil & Gas, called Ecovap. The amounts channeled to Costa were credited to offshore accounts as indicated by money changer Alberto Youssef.

In a previous statement on Tuesday (Feb. 3), Júlio Gerin Almeida Camargo confirmed he had paid another $4.42 million to Renato Duque to ensure that the joint venture formed by Camargo Corrêa and Setal Oil & Gas would sign a contract with Petrobras for expanding the President Getúlio Vargas (Repar) refinery in Araucária, Paraná. The contract was priced $884 million.

The two contracts resulted in about $10 million in bribes to the former Petrobras executives. Agência Brasil tried to contact Costa’s and Duque’s lawyers, but with no success.

On Thursday (Feb. 5), the authorities will start hearing more witnesses on the kickback scheme. Judge Sergio Moro should hear Petrobras employees.

Translated by Mayra Borges



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