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Petrobras security tightened up in Nigeria

Amid concerns over the acts of violence perpetrated by Islamic extremist group Boko Haram in Nigeria, Brazil’s oil giant Petrobras and its partners in the African country have adopted measures to

ensure the security of its employees, premises and operations.

Among the strategies is the restriction in how much a worker moves around in public areas. Also, although its extraction activities take place offshore only, the company also reinforced the security scheme at the offices of Petróleo Brasileiro Nigéria and Brasoil Oil Services, two firms connected with Petrobras Oil & Gas.

Even though the oil giant’s headquarters in Nigeria are located in the capital city of Lagos, well away from the northeast—where Boko Haram dominates an area larger than some European countries—the access granted to visitors has been restricted to the “absolutely essential.” Petrobras declared the situation has been kept under constant surveillance, so that other measures are implemented if necessary.

Another company which carries out major operations in Nigeria is the construction firm Andrade Gutierrez. Also based in Lagos, the enterprise is responsible for important infrastructure works. Agência Brasil attempted to contact the company, but no response has been received regarding security measures.

The terrorism promoted by Boko Haram militants has forced 900 thousand Nigerians to leave their homes. “There’s concern that companies in other countries are under attack. It is the task of the Nigerian government to ensure the right to employment, transit, and security of Nigerians living in the country,” said Brazilian João Antonio Felício, head of the International Trade Union Confederation.

Home to 180 million inhabitants, the Western-African country is among the world’s ten top oil producers.

Translated by Fabrício Ferreira



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